We bring the best sailors to your company

We speed up and facilitate the recruitment of the necessary employees on the ship

What will you get?

A mobile application, where seamen will fill in an application form, submit applications, select your vacancies and contact you through Seaman Online.

Administrator rights - publish vacancies, search for the required category of seamen using a convenient filter, send a request to send documents, open contacts of future employees. With our application, the search for sailors will become easy and fast.


We undertake marketing

You can forget about where to look and how to look. We ourselves will attract new customers to your company through the application.


Convenient interface (functionality)


Convenient filter for finding sailors

Search by categories such as country, position, knowledge of foreign languages. We also have a filter that will allow you to find only fully completed profiles (scanned copies of marine documents with reviews from the previous place of work)


For Marine Training Centers

We have a cooperation model where we attract clients for you, they send a request through the application and you can contact them and invite them to your office, having previously understood what documents the seaman needs.


Unique sailor’s profile view

What sets us apart from our competitors. You can see a single Aplication form filled in by a sailor. It looks the same for all profiles. Also, you immediately see the documents that the sailor has and reviews. There is no need to look for the sailor's contact details - you can easily find them and you can already contact him. It has become 100 times easier to recruit staff on board!

Connect now

1. Contact us via Viber or Telegram and discuss the details. We will tell you how we work. There is a possibility of a personal or online meeting and assistance in connection.

2. Together we will fill in the information about your company. We will give recommendations on how to make more people respond to your vacancies and how to use the search filter correctly.

3. We will provide you with an access to the Admin panel of our application, through which you can search for seamen and post your vacancies. You will also see statistics that will greatly help in your work.


Connection request

The first partners will have the best conditions at launch, free technical support and use of the application's functions. Leave your details and get an answer today. The faster you connect, the fewer customers there will be for competitors!

    Still have questions? WE KNOW how hard it is sometimes to understand new service.
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